Graded Financial Services Graded Financial Services Graded Financial Services Graded Financial Services Graded Financial Services Graded Financial Services

Solution based approach to help improve your
financial health"- Financial Planning, Wealth Management,
Estate Planning, Tax & Legal Consultancy.

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Connecting people with best investment
opportunties" - Investment offerings in Mutual Funds, PMS,
Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, NCDs.
Trading in Equity, Currency and Commodities

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Financial Planning for Children Education

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Financial Planning for Children Marriage

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Offering best rates ! We help arrange loans to fulfill
you cherished dreams! Loans offered: Home Loan, Mortgage Loan,
Personal Loan, Car Loan, Education loan.

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The going need not be tough.. Insure to be Secured.
Insurance Offered: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance.

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About Us

Graded Financial Services

In today’s complex world of interdependent markets, global interests, and changing tax requirements, it can be challenging to have confidence and peace of mind in meeting your financial goals.
Indian customers have been asking one simple question to financial industry experts that is “where should I invest my hard earned income to get decent return”? And these customers are willing to take reasonable risk as well! However, hardly anyone seems to be paying heed to this question asked by the customers, instead majority of financial advisors are busy pushing their own selfish agenda over customer’s interest.
This is the big reason why ‘Graded Financial Services –GFS’ came into an existence, committed to work for financial well-being of the clients and help them protect and grow their wealth.

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