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Invest Lounge is a private wealth management enterprise which provides customized investment advice and financial solutions to corporates, Families and individuals. We provide our clients a One-Stop-Shop for accessing a wide avenue of investment solutions that vary with every individuals aspirations and tolerance of risk.

The strength of Invest Lounge lies in strong domain knowledge in investment advisory which enables delivery of sustainable value to its clients with support from cutting edge technology platforms

Our Services

  • Financial Planning

    Understanding our clients’ needs and helping them realize their short term & long term goals is very important. We then provide comprehensive wealth planning solutions specific to our clients and their families.

  • Investment Services

    We aim to develop innovative and customized investment solutions to meet the specific needs of all our clients. We help them develop an understanding of RISK and INVESTMENT HORIZON. All investments are made keeping in mind the Liquidity needs, risk profile and future cash flow requirement of the client.

  • Asset Growth

    At Invest Lounge we look to grow and protect the hard earned legacy of our clients. We provide greater tax efficiency. We bring to the table ‘Discipline’ which helps in identify issues and provide appropriate solutions.

  • Personal Need Analysis

    Whether it is an aggressive strategy to capture market trends and momentum or conservative wealth protection, we have different investment strategies to meet every need of our clients. Liquidity needs particular to every clients is looked at extremely closely.

  • Retirement solutions

    Sustainable future standard of living is a priority in every investment decision. We closely monitor the financial well being of our clients and bring them peace of mind. A complete picture is painted looking at liquidity needs, regular monthly income and safety of capital.

  • Succession Planning

    One needs to ensure seamless succession of our clients’ wealth to their future generation. For this we write wills so that a smooth movement of wealth takes place. This helps in safeguarding the clients’ affairs in his desired way.

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