I plan to begin withdrawing money from my investments in:

Once I begin withdrawing funds from my investments, I plan to spend all of the funds in:

I would describe my knowledge of investments as:

When I invest my money, I am:

Select the investments you currently own :

Consider this scenario:

Imagine that in the past three months, the overall stock market lost 25% of its value. An individual stock investment you own also lost 25% of its value. What would you do?

Review the chart below.

We’ve outlined the most likely best-case and worst-case annual returns of five hypothetical investment plans. Which range of possible outcomes is most acceptable to you?
The figures are hypothetical and do not represent the performance of any particular investment.

Select Plan Average annual return Best-case Worst-case
A 7.2% 16.3% -5.6%
B 9.0% 25.0% -12.1%
C 10.4% 33.6% -18.2%
D 11.7% 42.8% -24.0%
E 12.5% 50.0% -28.2%