GoSite Terms and Conditions (T&C)

In the interest of providing websites at low cost, “GoSite” was launched by Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (also referred as “we” / “our” / “us” in this content).
Customers are termed as customer / user / client / you / customer in this content.
The subscriber of the product understands and agrees to the Terms and Conditions and Product Points along with the associated disclaimers.

We / OFS / OFSPL / Us / Optimum refers to Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
You refers to The User / Client / Customer / Subscriber
Your refers to User’s / Client’s / Customer’s / Subscriber’s
Website mainly refers the product ‘GoSite’


GoSite is a standard product developed with an aim to provide low cost websites to Independent Financial Advisors and other professionals in the finance domain.

GoSite is a standard low cost site; build for business owners in the finance industry, like Mutual Funds, Insurance, etc who do not want to spend a high costs on websites however are willing to have a basic site for the business needs or profile portfolio. With that belief, we design and develop sites in such that only minimum basic information about his company / business is required from the subscriber and he does not have to go through the challenges of time consuming tasks of having the writing the right content and creating the right images. Content writing and creating images are expensive as well.

The website will be developed by Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The website will be hosted only will be hosted on a Shared Server.

The site will not be hosted on any other server except from whichever Optimum is associated with.

All sites will be made on HTML

However, for any reason what so ever, none of the data or database will be shared / provided to you. In-case for any reason, you discontinue being associated with Optimum and its products and services, the database, website files and all your records will be deleted from our side and the same will be intimated to you.

OFS is associated with reliable, renowned server services providers, some of which are based in India, and some outside India.

Optimum Financial Solutions will not support any activities related to SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media marketing or any other such activities.

The website will be completely standard and no individual customisation will be allowed.

The sites our template based sites. You need to select any one template from the list provided to you.

Sections in the template, which are not relevant to you or your business, will be removed during deployment. You need to inform us such sections which you DO NOT WANT in the site through email. However, addition or modification in of any section or pages in the site will not be allowed.
For example : The template chose by you has Real Estate Management or Financial Planning section but you do not deal with such business, so you need to inform us and we will remove these sections from the site. Addition or Change in any such section / page / text will not be allowed.

About Us / Company Profile / Business Profile Text and Contact information needs to be provided by you in text format. Company Logo should be provided by you in PNG format (in landscape mode with dimension of 210 x 110 pixels or higher but in the same proportion e.g. 420 x 220 or 840 x 420 pixels).

Images, Photos, Sliders, and any other content apart from which is mentioned above, will be used according to what is available with us.
No content will be taken from your side for any modification (except from which is mentioned above).

Images, Photos, Sliders and other content will be used in all sites. No individual customisation is available.
Optimum Financial Solutions does not guarantee that the content used in the site subscribed by you, will not be mentioned / deployed in other sites. Optimum will be the owner of the site / content and there might be possibility that the same content is available in other sites as well.

You can inform any two colors which you wish should be the base of the site. You need to inform us the Hex Code of the color and the site will be developed in that color. No modification in terms of content and images will be done.
If in-case, the template selected by you is portfolio based and requires a profile photo, you need to send us the photo during subscription. No change request of photo will be considered after that free of cost.
If the template selected by you, as Testimonials part, then you need to provide us with the Testimonials (of your clients / your users)
Optimum will not write or create any content or images.
All testimonials should be provided before the development of the site.

If the template selected by you, has a Contact Form, then you need to provide us your Email Configuration settings along with the User Id and password so that we can configure the email for the Contact Form.
For some templates, the form is standard and a standard email id will be used.

Optimum will not be responsible for correct configuration settings or email purchases or if the form does not work properly due to emails.

The websites are designed to display properly with standard laptop screen sizes & mobile screen sizes. However, Optimum Financial Solutions will put its best efforts to make the site fully responsive and compatible for all device sizes. Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will not guarantee that the websites will be responsive and work on all screen sizes.

Optimum Financial Solutions is committed to make the site live within 7 days, once we receive the required information / material / content in the desired format.

Domain Booking charges and Domain renewal charges will not be beared by Optimum. You need to pay the cost involved in domain booking or renewals.

Your Brand Name – White labeled website

The site will be under your domain name so you need to confirm the domain name to be booked.
i.e. The name on which the site will be live and accessible.
For Example, if your company name is Optimum Advisors your domain name can be something similar to optimumadvisors.com 
or optimumadvisors.in

Domain Booking charges are not included.
You need to bear the cost incurred with new domain booking and domain renewals.

If you have an existing domain, you need to share us the Control Panel details of your domain account so that we can do the required settings. If you already have a site or application hosted on your domain and want the new site to be live on the same domain, then in that case, you need to talk to your website service provider and free the domain for us to make the new site live and running for you. We would not be able to support on it.

You can also opt in to create a sub-domain and host the new site on that sub-domain. Or host your old site on sub domain and host the new site on the main domain.
For example, if you already have your own website named optimumadvisors.com then we would be able create a sub-domain like web.optimumadvisors.com or wealth.optimumadvisors.com and host the website. It is important that the domain account should allow such settings. 

If incase, for any reason, you wish to transfer the domain from our side to your account, Optimum Financial Solutions will only be able to do if the domain is active (live, not expired).
You should have a GoDaddy account to transfer the domain. And you need to share the required account information for transferring the domain.
Optimum will only support in Domain transfers to GoDaddy accounts.

In-case, if the domain expires Optimum will not be responsible for any charges incurred for the same domain regain. Once the domain expires the domain will not be allowed for purchased unless it is allowed by the domain service provider (which is usually after 24 days but not necessary).

Security of the Website

You can secure your website by adding SSL certification to it. i.e. https:// A green color lock to your URL An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology.
Click Here to know more about SSL. 

Optimum Financial Solutions will install and configure it for your website.
Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. recommends SSL certificate to be purchased from GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC only.
Optimum, strictly, does not support SSL purchased from other companies / service providers.
Please talk to customer support team before purchasing SSL. Click Here to buy SSL certificate.

Optimum Financial Solutions will not bear any cost incurred with SSL.
Generally, SSLs are valid for one year from the day of subscription. (It may vary on the validation of your SSL purchased)

Please talk with Optimum, before proceeding with the SSL.


There are no dedicated support services once the site is live.
Communications required during Implementation i.e. during deployment of the site, will be done through respective channels only. All communications will be done through email.

In-case, for any reason, there is a requirement to share screen / install and use Remote Desktop Management Services, i.e. Screen Sharing & Controlling Third Party applications whenever required. While these systems are safe and Team Optimum takes utmost care while operating these system/applications, Optimum Financial Solutions does not take any responsibility for any loss in any form or substance that may occur due to use of such systems/applications.

Optimum Financial Solutions will not be responsible for any changes made by any third party which impacts the performance / functional of the site. For example, the access link of Facebook is not working.
Or for instance, the servers are down. (Optimum’s service server provider or any other third party server)

All feasible changes if done on your request will be considered as Change Request.

Any change request (CR) will be chargeable.
Change Request, if any, is allowed only 1 time within a period of One Year once you subscribe to the website.

Changes Accepted in Change Request (Once in One Year) @ Rs. 500

1. Change of Two Colors which is the base of the site template. (Hex code should be provided by you)
2. Contact information. (Address, Mobile Number)
3. Change of Text of, About Us / Company profile / Business profile.
4. Deletion of a complete section or page which is not relevant to you or your business. (Modification not allowed)
5. Change of Hyperlinks of social media platform like Facebook, Google+, and other links, if any.
6. Change of content of Testimonials (if available in the site)

Only mentioned Change Requests will be considered.
Changes will be done only after receiving the applicable charges.
No other requests will be considered.

Change requests may take upto 2-7 business days depending on the type of request and receiving of desired material, like Images, Logo, etc.


In upcoming future, Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may try to generate revenue from third parties like Mutual Fund companies by displaying Ads, Product Information on new NFOs, Schemes etc. on the website.

Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible any incidental or consequential, collateral, special damages occurred during the usage of product and services.

Please note that Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd. does not have a refund policy hence no amount would be refunded in any circumstances.

OFSPL reserves the right to withdraw support on the product and services offered, if the user is found defaulted in any of the terms and conditions, policies and/or disclaimers.

OFSPL reserves the right to make changes in the product and services offered and the costs, without any prior notice to its customers and users.
Accordingly, the specifications mentioned in the product brochures, if any, may vary from the actual product depending on various factors.

OFSPL reserves the right to amend, add or remove the terms and conditions, disclaimers without any prior notice to its customers.

By subscribing to the ‘GoSite’, i.e. by buying the product, you are only subscribing to use the product.
Copyrights of the product belong exclusively to Optimum Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Any attempt to infringe the copyrights shall terminate the subscription of the product and its services, and risk legal action.

All matters related to such transaction are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.